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Start young, stay young, have fun!
The class structure is fun and designed to maintain the children’s natural flexibility and stimulate their powers of imagination and creativity. Using traditional yoga postures, breathing and relaxation techniques, children are led into exciting adventures and magical places. The stories involve a wonderful combination of stretches, back arches, twists and balances. They sing songs, play games and work together, whilst enjoying a variety of safe yoga postures which integrate balance, co-ordination and movement.

The classes are taught by a qualified and insured YogaBugs teacher, and are approximately 30-45 minutes long, designed for children and teenagers who are split into appropriate age groups.

The children are unaware of the many benefits, for example:
• Concentration and energy levels are improved
• Clearer mind, allowing for better memory retention
• The immune system is re-charged
• Core stabilising muscles of the abdomen and back are strengthened
• Tones the body
• Reduces the rising levels of childhood obesity
• Maintains a child’s natural flexibility which can begin to shut down from a surprisingly young age
• Develops creativity and self-esteem
• Increases self-confidence through vocalisation techniques and postures that are designed to help alleviate day to day anxieties, such as separation issues or bullying, lethargy and negativity
• Promotes a complete form of exercise in a safe and non- competitive environment
• Encourages healthy sleeping patterns
• Allows children to explore their intuitive nature and spirituality